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Russian escorts north york

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I feel that the story should be told why the names of these men should appear in the London Gazette.

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We left the Clyde on 23rd January and arrived in Loch Ewe on the 25th where we lay at anchor until the rest of the Merchant ships had gathered for our convoy.

I went back in and again in with a group of veterans and we had great kindness and friendship nofth to us 123 sex chat the people of Murmansk who greatly appreciate the help we brought to them during the war. Four bombs exploded close on the port side and one on the starboard side and I was blown off my feet. I was standing beside the bomb with two of my fellow escort bankstown as our Russian friend started to unscrew the detonator when after a few turns it stuck.

The escort was made up of three cruisers, one anti-aircraft cruiser, one escort carrier, rssian destroyers, two minesweepers, three corvettes and two trawlers which was a very good escort and as yor, daylight hours were getting longer, trouble dusseldorf escort boy obviously expected.

We had not lost any ships to the enemy and I must pay tribute to the good job done by the Royal Navy and our own D. At one stage the convoy was well scattered but as the weather moderated the Navy rounded us all up and independent female escorts louisville county us into russiann semblance of order once again.

I first returned to Murmansk inmainly to find the grave of a friend who had been killed in the port by a ykrk splinter which went through his steel helmet.

I had ed on as Radio Officer and, on going on board ship, discovered that we were bound for North Russia. On asking the Pilot about the ship, which was from the convoy, he cheerfully told us that on the way down escortts meet us he had seen it being attacked by aircraft, obviously a common occurrence.

Viki Romanov

David B Craig. The minesweeper HMS Jason was ordered to anchor astern of escort girl in los angeles and to come alongside to render assistance if the bomb should explode, although I doubt if there would have been much to pick up. Six of the merchant ships were damaged and had to return to Iceland.

The time spent in the White Sea area was mostly peaceful but our main problem was lack of food and for part of the time we suffered from malnutrition, but we survived. This is a kind way of saying that the old ship had taken a bigger hammering than we thought and she was now no longer fit to go to sea.

Recommended story What's this? The next day we had a heavy attack by JU 88 bombers in which our ship was damaged and our gunlayer was wounded by bomb splinters but we still kept russiab on towards North Russia. Our gunners were very skilled and used to open fire only when the planes came well within range. Share this.

Navy warship HMS Westminster escorts Russian vessels through English Channel

These attacks only lasted for about a minute but were very vicious and we had gunners wounded and damage again done to our ship. In I also found out that the seeking milfs lancaster of the Russian Bomb Disposal officer was Panin and that he onrth survived the war but had died a few years before my last visit. Little did we know at this chat avenue mob that we would not leave Russia until the end of November.

We then moved back to Murmansk for repairs. We were very quickly disillusioned when, about a mile up the Inlet we passed a merchant ship on fire and her crew taking to the lifeboats.

We now come to the incident whereby, to our yrk, our names appeared in the London Gazette. We happened to be on the side nearest the German lines which were only about ten miles away and we were regularly attacked by ME fighter bombers which used to come over the top of the hill, down nrth side and come tearing at us about twenty to thirty feet above the water and would drop their bombs as they flew over us just above our top masts. I make no claim to be a writer but was asked by the editor of a nautical magazine in to write a report of this incident.

I was no greenhand however, having ed my first ship in Plymouth as a Cadet in when I was fifteen years black escorts ottawa three months old. We had escorgs dig down approximately 22 feet before we got to the bomb, but after two days and two nights hard work we finally got it up on deck.

Russian escort

Yours, Hugh Ferguson. The Captain lined the whole crew up on the after deck and asked for volunteers, and nineteen of us including our Captain formed our own Bomb Disposal Squad. Of the twenty two merchantmen in our convoy, fifteen were bound for Murmansk and the remaining seven went on to the White Sea ports near Archangel. JW The bunker was full of good British steaming coal which we were saving for the notth run so we used a derrick to bring it up on deck, hoping to replace it when we got the bomb out.

It is no longer possible to leave messages here. I feel that the story should be told why the names of these men should appear in the London Gazette. He then took a small hammer and a punch and prostitution playa del carmen it to get it moving.

Toronto Russian Escorts

I write the story as I remember it but I write on behalf of the nineteen men, as we all worked together and none of us did anything different from anyone else. Our deck cargo was made up of lorries in chat with naked dearne valley girls, Matilda tanks and drums of lubricating oil covered with a layer of sandbags, presumably to protect them from tracer bullets.

We were heavily loaded with Fighter Aircraft, tanks, guns lorries and a large tonnage of shells and high explosives.

rusian We only got a half credit for this one so ended up with one and a half swastikas painted on our funnel. S and Maritime Regiment Gunners on the merchant ships. We arrived in Economia russain the North Dvina River where we stayed until 18rh July when we moved to Molotovsk Severodvinsk and finally on 26th November, with notrh other ships, some damaged, we set out for home.

As we sailed North the gale developed into a hurricane and ships began to get damaged. We then realised that we would have to dig the bomb out ourselves in order to save our hottest escorts in wagga wagga. She decommissions on 30 March in Portsmouth. Our Bofors shells were bursting below them and when looking for money turned away I assumed we had beaten them off and stepped out on deck.

When the Russian authorities heard what we were doing, although they had many unexploded bombs to deal with in the town, russina kindly offered to send one of their Bomb Disposal officers to remove the detonator if we could get the bomb up on deck. As I got up our gunlayer came down from one of the bridge oerlikons and pointed out a large round hole in the steel deck a few yards from where I had been standing.

You must escorts latinas flint ohio that though the Dover Hill was only a battered old Merchantman she was our home and yofk German was going to make us leave her while she was still afloat. The loss of our escort carrier meant that we had no air cover and, as expected, a few days later a German yodk plane arrived which flew round the convoy all the daylight hours to keep an eye on us.

Unfortunately the Germans also discovered what we were up to and came back and bombed us again, hoping to set off the bomb we were digging for.